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10 Days Buddha Trail Tour Package

Originating between 4th and 6th century BCE Buddhism is one of the oldest and one of the most popular religions in the world. Considered significant majorly across Asia, Buddhism is the 4th largest religions in the world garnering over 520 million followers which comprises over 7% of the world population. Buddhists from far and wide take up pilgrimage journeys as a ways of paying their respect to their one and only spiritual leader. If you are looking for a package that covers the footsteps of Lord Buddha then we bring you one of the most comprehensive Buddha’s Trail Travel Package. Walk on the path of Lord Buddha and feel his divinity by drenching yourself in immense spirituality. We cover all the important places that are highly revered by Buddhists like his Birth place, place of death, and the exact spot where he attained enlightenment along with the Buddhist education centre. This package takes you on a journey filled with peace, calm and enlightenment.

Buddha Trail Pilgrimage Tour Itinerary Details

Tour Duration: 09 Nights / 10 Days
Destination Covered: Delhi-Agra-Varanasi-Bodhgaya-Rajgir-Nalanda-Patna-Vaishali-Kushinagar-Lumbini-Shravasti-Lucknow-Delhi
Tour Price: On Request/- Enquire Now


Day 01: Arrival in Delhi – Agra

Once you reach Delhi, our tour representative will transfer you to the bus which will lead you to your destination, Agra. This road journey will take 4 to 5 hours. Upon your arrival in Agra, you will be checked into your hotel where you will be spending your night after having a delicious dinner meal at night.

Day 02: Agra – Varanasi (Overnight Train Journey)

Early in the morning you will have a hearty meal before heading out for spending your day shopping for gifts and souvenirs and exploring the nearby places. You will then gorge on the delicious lunch meal after which you will proceed towards the magnificent Taj Mahal. This ivory-white marble structure is the 7th wonder of the world along being one of the most adored architectural marvels in the world. Littered with formal gardens and covered in lush greenery Taj Mahal is truly a sight to behold.

After soaking in the beautiful and one of a kind structure you will be taken back to your allotted hotel for dinner. Post dinner you will gather your luggage and be transferred to the Tundla Railway Station, where you will be boarded the train which is headed towards Varanasi. This will be an overnight journey in the train.

Day 03: Varanasi Sightseeing (Sarnath)

Once you arrive in Varanasi our tour representative will then transfer you to your allotted hotel. Here you will freshen up and relax for a while before heading out to explore the holy Buddhist centre of Sarnath. This is the exact spot where Lord Buddha gave his very first sermon after achieving enlightenment, making this site an important Buddhist pilgrimage point.

After exploring the site you will be taken for a local shopping experience where you can get yourself some souvenirs which Varanasi is famous for, like silk fabrics, works of ivory, perfume among several others and gorge on the famous local delicacies.

Post shopping you will then be assisted back to your hotel where you will stay overnight and have dinner.

Day 04: Varanasi – Bodhgaya (255 Kms / 5 Hours 30 Mines)

Situated at a driving distance of 8 hours from Varanasi, you will be taken there by road early in the morning post breakfast. Once you arrive in Bodhgaya, you will be checked into a hotel where you will be comfortably checked in where you will freshen yourself up and stretch your legs after a long journey.

In the afternoon, after relaxation, you will be taken to another one of the most highly revered Buddhist sites of Mahabodhi temple which is also home to the famous Bodhi tree. The temple marks the spot where Buddha had attained enlightenment after spending weeks meditating under the bodhi tree, which is also preserved and worshipped to this day. A visit here will definitely evoke a feeling of immense respect and humbleness. Buddhist pilgrimage seekers visit this place to meditate under the same tree and offer prayers to their religious leader.

Next in stop will be the famous Sujata temple which sits across the Niranjana River and is a half an hour walk across the paddy fields. This village plays a pivotal role in the life of Lord Buddha for being the spot where he had stopped on his journey towards enlightenment he reached this village in a state of extreme hunger and starvation. Seeing this, a tribal woman, named Sujata, offered Lord Buddha some Kheer, which rejuvenated him and gave the strength and energy to carry on in his journey, hence the temple, is dedicated to her. He stayed here for 24 days before heading out making this place a must visit for Buddhist trail tour.

Your final stop will be at the famous Royal Bhutan Monastery, which was built by the king of Bhutan as his way of paying tribute to Lord Buddha. Inside the monastery you will witness some of the most important and significant moments that occurred in Lord Buddha’s life.

You will finally be taken back to your hotel where your day will conclude with an overnight stay along with some delicious dinner.

Day 05: Bodhgaya – Rajgir – Nalanda – Patna

Early morning after eating your breakfast, your journey towards Patna will commence. This road trip is a journey of 5 hours. En route you will be taken for a visit to one of the most well-known stupa among Buddhists, Shanti stupa which is situated at Rajgir. Nestled comfortably on top of Ratnagiri Hills, this stupa is the place from where Lord Buddha is said to have delivered most of his speeches and techings. It is also one of the 80 peace pagodas that is littered across the subcontinent.

Your next stop en route will be Nalanda which is located at a distance of just 14km from Rajgir. This UNESCO world heritage is one of the most ancient learning centres in the world, which was a large Buddhist monastery. It attracted learners from far and wide places like Central Asia, Japan and Korea to Nalanda who wanted to learn the formal techniques and methods of Vedic learnings.

Concluding your sightseeing trip on your way, you will finally reach Patna, where you will be checked into your hotel and also be served a dinner meal.

Day 06: Patna – Vaishali – Kushinagar

Your day will commence with having a wonderful breakfast after which you will be made to head towards Lord Buddha’s place of death, Kushinagar, which is located at a distance of 260kms and takes 6 hours to reach there. On your way you will be made to visit the place where Lord Buddha gave his last sermon before his death in 483 BCE, which is the ancient city of Vaishali. It is also home to the famous Ashokan pillar which is well-preserved and topped up with the magnificent sculpture of an Asiatic lion.

Once you finally reach Kushinagar you will be taken to your hotel for completing the check in process and spending the night there.

Day 07: Kushinagar – Lumbini

Before starting your day you will be served a breakfast meal. Post breakfast you will be headed towards the temple where Lord Buddha took his last breath, Mahaparinirvana temple. This temple is home to a 6.10 metre long statue which showcases Lord Buddha in a comfortable lying down position which is carved out of Chunar sandstone making it extremely sacred and holy for the Buddhists. It is said that this statue is from the 5th century.

Your next holy stop will be Ramabhar Stupa, which is the cremation site of the spiritual leader. Before spending his last hours here, it is believed that according to Brahmin sources Lord Buddha had spent a lot of time in Kushinagar offering his teachings and discourses. The entire stupa rises at a height of 50 feet and is built as a way of marking the real cremation site of the spiritual deity.

Afternoon time is reserved for completing your journey heading towards Lumbini in Nepal. Once you have all your formalities completed, you will be taken to your hotel to get checked in and concluding your day with a delicious dinner meal.

Day 08: Lumbini – Shravasti

Today is the day where, after breakfast, you will be made to visit the birthplace of Lord Buddha, which is Lumbini. This is a UNESCO world heritage site and is one of the most important site of pilgrimage for Buddhists. It is famous all over the world for its beautiful gardens, Ashokan pillar among other relevant archeological remains.

After offering your homage to the Lord you will then leave for Lord Buddha’s one of the most loved places, Shravasti. Finally you will be taken to your allotted hotel there where after the check in process, you will be served delicious dinner which will be followed by a comfortable stay.

Day 09: Shravasti – Lucknow

Early in the morning after having a hearty meal you will head out for a day filled with fun as well as spirituality. The age old stupas and pillars line up this ancient city keeping the vibe alive. The spirituality here is so intense that you will feel the peace and calm from the moment you step into this place. It is said that Lord Buddha had spent 24 monsoons at this place hence making this place a must visit pilgrimage site for Buddhists. Here, you will also be made to visit the famous Jetvana and Ananda Bodhi tree.

After paying your respects here you will finally be taken to Lucknow. This is a 5 hours’ drive away from Shravasti. This journey will occupy your whole day so you will arrive at Lucknow during night time. You will then be served dinner and made to board the train headed towards Delhi. This is an overnight journey.

Day 10: Departure from Delhi

Once you reach Delhi you will be comfortably transferred to your airport or railway station from where your journey ahead will commence as per your desire.